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GNA Legislative Platform

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Consumer Advocacy


We endorse programs and funding which promote and enable all individuals to achieve optimal quality of life across the continuum. This includes comprehensive health care, education and a safe environment, as well as the basic needs of nutrition and shelter.

  • Appropriateness of nurse staffing as provided in the American Nurses Association’s Principles for Safe Nurse Staffing.
  • The ability of all patients to select a health care provider of their choice.
  • Continued funding for services provided by the state of Georgia to patients, families and vulnerable populations
  • An appropriately prepared public health system for response to disasters, pandemics and other statewide emergencies
  • Initiatives that support family caregivers.
  • Improving access to health care and improving health outcomes


Workforce Advocacy


We believe that workplace safety of nurses warrants attention and support of programs designed to prevent job-related injuries, bullying, harassment, violence, illnesses and deaths.  GNA promotes health and safety programs in the workplace.


  • Awareness and prevention of workplace violence

  • Safe levels of staffing as provided in the American Nurses Association’s Principles for Safe Nurse Staffing, no-fault error reporting, protection from retribution for nurses reporting unsafe patient and work conditions.

    • Includes Fatigue guidelines just published by ANA

    • Substance abuse awareness and prevention programs, and monitoring for nurses with substance use disorder.




Increasing access to care and improving health outcomes for all Georgians

  • Removal of practice barriers, thereby allowing the professional nurse to practice to the full extent of their education and training.
    • Modernization of the Nurse Practice Act and APRN regulation
  • Promote Mandated Medical Emergency Practice Drills in Georgia Schools
    • With approximately 20 percent of Georgians in schools, on school days, medical emergencies will happen.  A practiced emergency response plan will improve outcomes.
  • Verification and standardization of safe staffing in Skilled Nursing facilities and assisted living centers.
    • With Georgia's aging population base, we want to ensure safe staffing to promote public safety.



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