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GNF Peer Assistance Program


Nurses Helping Other Nurses


“GNF provides support to nurses with challenges related to substance use through the Nurse Peer Assistance Program (GNF-PAP). For over 40 years, concerned nurses have volunteered their time to help others with substance use disorder.

It is important to know that members of the nursing profession support each other and through compassion, hold one another accountable. Nurses who have voluntarily entered into programs like the GNF-PAP have exuded the highest integrity and professional responsibility by acknowledging their need for assistance.

This GNF program provides peer support to those who need it and offers encouragement to those who have successfully completed the program and are completing the journey toward wellness.”


The Georgia Nurses Foundation Peer Assistance Program's leadership and volunteer nurse facilitators give their time and hearts in an effort to give back what was given to them.


What is the GNF Peer Assistance Program?


Georgia was the first state in the nation to acknowledge the need to treat, to support and to retain nurses with substance abuse disorder as members of the nursing profession. The Georgia Nurses Foundation Peer Assistance Program (GNF-PAP), previously named the Georgia Nurses Association Nurse Advocate Program, is a collaborative effort with the Georgia Board of Nursing (the Board) and GNA. Established in 1981, the program is staffed with volunteer nurses who are committed to support other nurses living with the disease of substance use disorder. 


Mission Statement


In concert with the Georgia Board of Nursing and the Georgia Nurses Association, the focus of GNF-PAP is the assurance of safe practice and the maintenance of nursing standards, while simultaneously supporting the nurse in his/her successful completion of a treatment/rehabilitation program and maintenance of a sustainable recovery program.


Philosophy Statement and Beliefs


1. Substance use disorder is a disease process with physical, social and emotional aspects;

2. No nurse should lose their job or license until he/she has had an opportunity for recovery care;

3. There lies hope in the recovery treatment for the nurse with substance use disorder;

4. GNF-PAP endorses an "Alternative to Discipline” program that enhances patient safety through early detection, interventions and contractual monitoring agreements before a nurse's practice is negatively impacted;

5. Nurses who pose a threat to public safety should be reported to the Georgia Board of Nursing.

6. GNF-PAP volunteers assist nurses in the maintenance of a sustainable, stable recovery program that allows nurses to remain a productive member of the nursing profession and their community.


For assistance through the GNF Peer Assistance Program, call 800-462-9627 or 404-325-8807.


Staffed by volunteer GNA-PAP facilitators, the GNF-PAP Helpline is a number to call for any questions about an individual’s sobriety, an employee’s sobriety or community resources available to assist nurses who seek treatment, rehabilitation and sustained recovery.

Substance Use Disorder in Nursing

Substance use disorder in nursing tackles one of the most serious problems facing nursing today. This video provides a comprehensive look at the issue of substance use disorder and covers:

  • The facts about substance use disorder
  • Substance use disorder and nurses
  • Identification and reporting
  • Investigation and intervention for the nurse manager
  • Treatment and alternative to discipline programs
  • Recovery and return to practice



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